Accounts Branch deals with the district establishment of Revenue Department in the matters related to grants, pension, income tax, budget, audit and other accounting related matters.

Key Functions


  • Pay Bills
  • Contingency Bills
  • Refund Bills
  • T.A. Bills
  • Advance Bills
  • Govt. Insurance Scheme Bills
  • Abstract Bill

Pension Case

  • Regular Pension
  • Temporary Pension
  • Family Pension

Other Functions

  • Dealing with the Treasury Office
  • About Audit Para
  • Distributing grants from the govt. departments
  • Maintaining P.R.B. Registers
  • Maintaining the expenditure sheets
  • Making District Budget
  • Maintain the Cashbook
  • Deals with the reconciliation at the A.G.Rajkot / Ahmedabad Office
  • Income Tax Deduction
  • Maintaining Service Books
  • Pay fixation and Increment
  • G.P.F. And C.P.F. related works
  • Prepare Monthly Reports
  • Implementation of National Pension Scheme