Places of Interest


Dumas Beach Surat

Dumas Beach

Drive 21 km southwest and you arrive at dumas, a popular beach and recreational spot for the locals. The atmosphere is calm and serene most of the days with weekends seeing a lot of crowds. Dumas can also have the dubious distinction of being a haunted place but that does not deter people from visiting it during the day. Another unique thing is that the sand here is black. Whether you choose to go there early in the morning to enjoy peace and quiet or for fun and frolic in the evening, Dumas Beach is a must visit place when you are in Surat. The beach is located at the mouth of the Mandola and Tapti Rivers There is a temple here dedicated to Dariya Ganesh.


Hazira port Surat


Hazira is an old port and it also has a nice beach with shallow water, making it perfect for water games. Hazira is 30 km from Surat and can be reached in less than an hour. Away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city you will find tranquility reigns supreme here. Just laze about or, if you like, take a dip in the two hot springs that are rich in sulphur. Hazira has become a health resort due to these hot water springs.

Sardar Patel Museum Surat

Sardar Patel Museum

The Museum was established in 1890 and it is also known as the Sardar Sangralaya. At the time of its establishment it was known as Winchester Museum and was renamed Sardar Patel Museum after Independence. There is a planetarium here too. The museum showcases ancient relics that give an insight into the past history of the city.



Science Centre Surat

Science Centre

If you visit Surat along with children then a visit to the Science Centre will be of interest to them. The Centre was specifically created to promote interest in science in the minds of youth. Children will find the museum, the planetarium and the art gallery of interest and may spend quite some time exploring all that is on view.

Tithal Beach at Valsad district

Tithal Beach Valsad

Valsad is not far away from Surat and Tithal beach at Valsad is one of the most popular destinations. There are crowds during the weekends mostly from surrounding areas, especially Surat. Like Dumas, the beach here has black sand but what will interest people even more is that there are plenty of opportunities for recreation. One can enjoy water rides or indulge in water sports. There are camel and horse rides available on the beach. The shoreline is also dotted with a number of temples belonging to various sects. BAPS Swaminarayan sect has a temple here. There is also a Sai Baba temple that is almost always visited by devotees. For children and adults alike, Tithal means fun time with boating, volleyball games, Ferris wheel, balloon shooting and other activities.

Dandi beach at Navsari.

Dandi Navsari

Dandi is associated with Mahatma Gandhi. He began his march in 1930 from Ahmedabad and ended it at Dandi. Gandhiji called on the thousands of people to work for self-rule and this led to nation-wide civil disobedience movement that laid the foundation for the independence movement. Dandi today is a beautiful beach with a scenic view that you can enjoy or you can just plunge into the waves and cavort in the waters. Dandi is perfect for a day’s peace and quiet by the Arabian Sea.

Ambika Niketan Temple at Surat

Ambika Niketan Temple

The Ambika Niketan temple was built in 1969 and it was dedicated to Ambika Devi. Worshippers of Ambika mata make it a point to visit this temple and offer prayers while partaking of prasad.



Old Fort Surat at chowk area

Old Fort

Muhammad Tughlak is credited with construction of the Fort in the 14th Century in order to protect the city against attacks. Shivaji Maharaj ransacked the fort on two occasions but still, what remains is worth a look.



Sarthana Park zoo at Surat

Sarthana Park

This municipal operated nature park is one of the biggest parks in Gujarat covering an area of 81 acres on the side of the Tapti River. It was first set up in 1984 and it is known to breed lions, tigers and bears. It is worth a visit to see all this and enjoy some rest.



Gopi Talav Park and Boating area Surat

Gopi Talav

Malik Gopi, a rich merchant, built the Gopi Talav around 1510 AD. Apart from the lake, he also contributed to development of the city and he developed an area that today is known as Gopipura. At that time the city of Surat did not have a name and he proposed the name suraj that was later on changed to Surat by the Mughal emperor. Malik Gopi is known as Lord of Surat. The lake was constructed beautifully and charmed foreign visitors. It fell into disuse as it dried up but in 2012 the government renovated it and today, it is a popular recreational spot with fountains and stalls all around.


Ukai Dam Surat

Ukai Dam

It is worthwhile travelling all the way to Ukai Dam from Surat. The dam serves the dual purpose of hydroelectric power generation and water reservoir. It attracks plenty of birds.